World’s greatest interest rate wallet service

Frey Wallet is the world’s safest virtual currency wallet service and offers world’s highest interest rate.


World’s greatest interest rate wallet service

We pay interests according to the capital amount in your wallet every day. The highest interest rate per day could be 6.65% and average annual interest rate pay back to customers could then be 54.197%. Get your daily interest now by joining our wallet service.


Period Interest Rate
highest interest rate per day +6.56%
Average interest rate per day +0.23%
Average annual interest rate +54.197%

Interest Rate Performance of past 3 years

Year Interest Rate
2016 +64.147%
2015 +46.691%
2014 +51.752%

Service Usage up to now

Service Usage up to now


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Why Frey Wallet?

Strong security system

Your capital is guarded by our excellent security technology.

Speedy Transaction Technology

You can have your deposit and cash out done at anytime you wish under our unique automation program

Simple and easy interface

The user content in Frey Wallet can be operated intuitively no matter what age you are and which language you speak.

Bitcoin’s Attraction

Bitcoin is a brand new payment technology which was published in 2008 and released in 2009. Its value has grown to 4 million times in less than 10 years. Bitcoin has been spreading in the real world these years and its value is expected to be climbing higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin had drawn the world’s attention in recent years and became the most circulated virtual currency in the world. Its accessibility and strong security has been highly ranked and even being introduced to retail stores. We believe Bitcoin could go over the current legal currencies and to be circulated and utilized as a common currency in the future. It is something which can change nowadays financial situation fundamentally.

What is Wallet Service?

The wallet is something similar to e-banking. and customers can open a wallet account just like opening a bank account. Your wallet will be protected by our strong internet security system You can pay for your online shopping or make a Bitcoin deposit from the wallet.

Can I trade by myself?

Unfortunately customers cannot trade on their own as Frey Wallet is just a specialized wallet service.

Why you have such a high interest rate?

Frey Wallet does the same as all the other banks do, we invest our own money in promising investments, and we pay back to customers from our profits made. This is how and why we can offer such a high interest rate.

Are there any charges for using this service?

There is no service fee for account opening. However, service fee will be applied on those wallet comes with interest. A monthly 0.02BTC service fee will be charged on all interest wallet with less than 0.5BTC balance.